Digital Set Top Box :

A Digital Set Top Box or STB is used by Cable subscribers for viewing Digital Channels through cable distribution system.

We declare to the subscriber the Capability & Features of our STBs on various networks in the instruction manual to be supplied with the STB.

We also ensures compatibility with consumer electronic equipment such as television. Our STB has provision for Irdeto Smart Card operation.

The STB supports reception and processing of DVB-C complaint digitally QAM modulated signal.

Presently MANTHAN uses Cisco, Changhong, Technosat and Homecast Set Top Boxes.

Comparison :
Features Manthan Digital DTH Services
HD Service Yes Yes
No. Of channels Above 300 Mostly Around 200
Electronic Program Guide Yes Yes
Universal Remote Yes Selected
24/7 Customer Care Yes Yes
The STB comes with a remote controller . All functions of the receiver can be carried out using the buttons on the remote controller and some of the functions can also be carried out using the buttons on the front panel.
Each STB of MANTHAN is legally and indelibly marked with at least the following information :
Manufacturer’s Name or Trademark
Model No & Serial No
Country of Manufacturer
Input Supply : Voltage & Frequency
Power Consumption
RF Input & Loop Through
Sockets for Audio & Video Output
Smart Card :

At the heart of many security solutions, the most valuable asset as a Pay-TV operator is Zeta smart card. Our Security Program produces state-of-the-art secure smart cards in close partnership with the world's best chip suppliers, augmented with Irdeto’s patented encryption software.

For smart card-based solution to operators, we offer our revolutionary Zeta Card, which combines the time-proven benefits of hardware-based security with the flexibility offered by software-based systems. The Zeta Card offers unparalleled flexibility through its patented FlexiFlash functionality, allowing secure downloading of new functions and security updates to smart cards already in use.


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